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Definition Of A Bludger (See MRRT – A Lousy Bludger)  January 2013

A Bludger is someone or something which asks for a Slice (see Tax MRRT) when they have offered nothing to the creation or earning process. They have offered no effort, energy, kapital, and taken no risk.......................yet they still want a Slice. The Quintessential Aussie  version of a............... BLUDGERS !

Sometimes also referred to as a Louse (Lice), or Parasites.

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CIS  (David Murray)  - Decrease Socialist Government    12 March 2013

The Australian Centre For Independent Studies is proposing an overhaul of Government Spending and Government Spending Processes.

It is recommending Government Spending be reduced from  35% of GDP to 30% over 10 years so as to avoid Australia’s perpetuation as a “Moribund Democratic Socialist State“ along the lines of many of  its 18th , 19th  and 20th Century colonial founders and migrant sources throughout  Europe.

One suspects under current Government, worse could eventuate, somewhat atuned to 21st Century migrant source, with the ALP version of Moribund Communism. That is, all the bad components of Communism – Spending and the Welfare State - without kapital participation and industry development.

Of course a major feature of this latest five years of the ALP version of Socialism-Communism, has been the expansion in Social Welfare or the Social Services Sector. It has been one of very few sectors to show employment growth, probably largely public sector, and has easily been the largest source of any employment growth in Australia these past five years.

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ALP Work-Life Oximoron       12 March 2013

Has anyone seen the ALP Communist Government reference to "Work-Life Balance".

Well, as if we didn't need another moronic ALP Communist Government Oxymoron.   The point being Work is part of Life and vice-versa, they are not a contra to each other. The reality is that we seek to Balance our lives with work, family, other pleasures, hobbies and whatever gets our rocks-off.

I don't find a lot of work to be unpleasant, I am a perfectionist and aim for high achievement. I expect the right in Australia as a Democracy to be and do that.

I can see where someone like the Prime Minister Ms Gillard would make the mistake however...... Excuse me, do I have the classes attention..................... Ms Gillard thinks her work is not her real life. Rather she treats it like she is Alice In Wonderland, chasing Childhood Dreams.

Hence the total Cox-up of the ALP and Australia's economy 2007-13. Vote for your Party and Its Ideologies, not individuals. Hopefully they match your ideologies and expectations. ALP won't.

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Selfish Job Shufflers         12 March 2013

I don't want my Children's Future flushed down the Toilet by a Bunch Of Red Ragging Flops, who spend more time stabbing each other in the back and shuffling each others jobs around - no more than twelve months managing any part of the economy! - Than contributing to the Country's good.

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Victorian ALP Government Depression          12 March 2013

You have got to be ******* JOKING.
I'm ***king living on less than half the ******* poverty rate and these ***kers see my website which is just a ******* head clearing blog aimed largely at points of Social, Political and Economic Distrust and Hatred -

I don't have any ***king money to be paying for ***king website development. I live on less than half the poverty rate without any prospect of study or training subsidisation, courtesy of the ALP Communist Federal Government of Australia, despite having paid $2 Million income and capital gains tax in Australia and having contributed to a number of high profile Government Deals. Well they can get a Deal out of me now !

The State I live in, being Victoria, is on the verge of its second Economic Depression in 20 or so years, courtesy Federal Government Economic Policies of The ALP Communist Federal Government.

It is the manufacturing and Industry Heartland of Australia. It is suffering well above National-State average Unemployment. It has been hit by ALP Communist Government neglect in deference to celebration of the Mining Boom, with little regard for exchange rate effect (still high and has been for two years Allan even though it hasn't risen further from 2011 - damage done), and little contribution to or leverage from the Mining Boom conducted or gained by the ALP Communist Federal Australian Government anyway.
Depression being defined on at least one count by 4 Quarters of successive GDP Decline. We have had 3, with the fourth having 3 weeks to run ??

Ted Baillieu has exited as a scapegoat given other non-economic factors. Reality is however, Victoria, and SA, Tas and probably NSW give or take, are all suffering ALP Communist Federal Government Economic Neglect and NEGLIGENCE ! Hopefully this year these ALP Frauds will see the Forest for the Treeson !!

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